Just Synerit

Just Synerit

We know market because we live it. Daily we talk to numbers of specialists about latest trends in Information Technology. That way we not only know what Talent Is available when and where but mostly we know what excites them and where they see themselves next – this is why we are able to plan their career progress almost instantly.

100% successful

Unlike other agencies we do not take projects from Clients only to “check” if we can deliver. If we take project from Client – this is commitment for us to the Client. And we are 100% successful because of – see point above.

We can!

Candidate trust us. They know that they matter to us. We do not abandon candidates after unsuccessful recruitment process. We do work with candidate to prepare strategy how to promote their skills on the market. And because we live market – yes. We can! They know we know our job.

We care!

That saying – who would you rather trust with your human capital strategy – someone who actually cares about human factor or someone who only cares about invoices to send you? How does it reflect your Employer Branding if agency you are choosing to work with on crucial recruitment needs is misrepresenting you to your potential top employees?