Developers, Analysts, Testers, Product Owners, Project Managers, Team Leaders, System Architects – You all matter to us! We get access to most unique and valuable talents across EMEA. Using our own methodology and channels we are able to identify and motivate almost everyone within relatively short amount of time. And we never send you any profile unless we are 100% certain this is your ideal future Employee. Meaning – we even check references.


You don’t have office in Poland? You are not sure if this is good moment to open one? We have office, we have skills and we can check that for you! How does it work? You tell us what is your dream here in Poland – whether it is having your software development team or just sales representative – we can professionally accommodate it. We hire people on your behalf, we manage them according to your requirements and after agreed timeframe you decide whether you want to hire this person or not. Simple as that!


You need to build project team and you don’t have much time to do so? You know that this team will be of use for you only within few months? No problem! We can outsource whole teams to you or deliver just specific missing skills pool in addition to your existing team. What’s more – we have tools to asset technical competencies of our candidates so we all can sleep tight when they work on your behalf.


Ever wondered how recruitment agency can contribute to your Employer Branding strategy? By talking good about you! There is nothing stronger and powerful than good word about you from another person. Trick is – you get that for free from us when you use above services of us! Because we like talk good!

Career Coach

Often asking yourself – where to go? What next? Where can I utilize my skills and get new ones? Who is hiring people like you? Quo Vadis – We help you answer to this question